Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK an Odd Dream

The Rooney Rule, established in 2003 requires NFL teams to interview African American (of which most have never stepped foot in Africa ) candidate's for head coaching jobs and senior football operations. It is often cited as an example of affirmative action. How about a rule requiring White and Asian guys be interviewed and tried out for running back and wide-receiver positions ? Why does the NFL not have this rule ? It would be just as stupid. 
  I wonder what the exact formula is to determine when one is African American enough. Do both parents have to be 100% African ? Would having one 100% white and one 100% African count ? What if one parent is 100% African and the other is 50% African and 50% Irish ? Just What is the formula what are the % 's ? When is one African enough to qualify ? Are we using melanin  %'s ? 
Who is the genetic joke on ? 
I need some answers ! 

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